Sparta Consulting Group Takes on Austin!

sparta-consulting-group-kts-00001Traveling for work is always fun, but traveling with your closest friends for work is the best. Last weekend our office did just that, taking 6 of our very own from Sparta Consulting Group to the beautiful and green Austin, TX. Though the city’s slogan is to “Keep Austin Weird,” we enjoyed every minute of being there; from the BBQ, to the motivational speakers, to the nightlife.

Partnering with some of the most respected energy, telecom, office supply, retail and solar companies definitely has its perks! From Friday to Sunday of last week, our team was immersed in leadership breakouts, human resources trainings and cocktail events. When we asked our CEO, Niko, to tell us more about the trip, he stated how impressed he was with this year’s speakers and how neat it was to see his close friends receive recognition and promotions for their unwavering hard work and dedication.

Something we learned this weekend is that the outsourced marketing and sales sector is a $32 billion dollar industry — and growing! Just let that sink in for a moment – $32 billion! Needless to say, this fact reminded us that 2016 needs to be all about thinking BIGGER! When we think big and our clients think big, expansion and opportunity for our team members to grow is endless.

With aggressive expansion plans into 3 new cities outside of Hollywood by the end of 2016, Sparta Consulting Group is pumped and ready to get to work implementing all we learned in Austin! For more pictures and videos of our trip, check us out on Instagram @sparta_consulting!



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