5 Steps for a More Positive Workplace

While building a successful career, it’s an inevitability that you’ll spend more time at work than at home. So why not make it good!?

sparta-consulting-group-positive-workplace-blog (1)We’ve seen from experience at Sparta Consulting Group that a positive environment promotes productivity. Here are some simple tricks that you can implement to improve your office morale and make work more enjoyable!

Step 1: Focus on solutions rather than problems
There are 2 types of people in life: people who focus on problems and people who actively seek solutions. In life and in business, the people who find success are the latter. If you want your workplace to be more productive and your team to be more efficient, it’s time to promote and teach a solution-oriented mindset.

Tip: Each time you notice a colleague dwelling on a problem, start asking encouraging questions to help working towards a solution. Change the focus of the conversation from problem-centric to solution-oriented.

Step 2: Give recognition
There is no better way to boost morale in a company than by giving positive recognition. Whether it’s through positive words of affirmation or monetary bonuses, the quickest way to make people feel good about the work they do is to compliment them! When your staff members start feeling good about themselves, the positivity will be contagious. Not to mention, everyone else will also be inspired to perform well too!

Tip: Always remember to praise in public and only criticize or discipline in private.

12r7xr3cwipmt6Step 3: Ban negativity and complaining
A culture that allows negative energy in the office will always struggle to grow and exceed client expectations. Negativity is cancerous and spreads rapidly. If you want to have a more positive atmosphere, talk to your staff one on one about the effects of their words on the entire team. Oftentimes, people don’t realize when they’re complaining because it’s second nature. The first step is to gently make people aware of this poor habit. The second step is to be prepared to (nicely) call someone out if he’s moping or getting carried away with the “venting.”

Tip: This habit needs to start from the top. If you are the manager or leader of the team, make sure you are leading by example!

Step 4: Promote fun in the workplace
Ever played office Olympics? Pictionary? Two-ball? Ever taken the afternoon off to go bowling once your team hits their goals? Themed dress days? Having fun is easy, it’s just a matter of organizing and executing! It goes without saying that having events where coworkers can get to know each other and bond will definitely encourage positivity.

Tip: Ask your team what they think would be fun! We happen to love anything that gets the blood pumping and the heart racing.

Step 5: Integrate “work” and “life”
The most important people in our lives are usually separated from our work, but why not incorporate them? A work/life balance used to mean you had “x” hours at work and “x” hours at home, and the two didn’t intersect. In today’s work culture though, it’s important to emphasize the importance of family and their role in your career. Once a week at Sparta Consulting Group we have a team night where all significant others and children are invited to come out bowling, to eat, karaoke, etc! Encouraging a balance and a blend of the two will always lead to a happier work force.

Tip: If your team members have kids, be sure to choose an environment that is “family friendly”! You want to encourage everyone to join in.

These tips absolutely do work. Take it from a team who has already tested them! If you’d like to see the effects of a positive work environment follow @Sparta_Consulting on Instagram!

What ideas do you have for a happier, more positive workplace? Share in the comments section below!


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