3 Things We Learned from the Olympics

Sparta Consulting Group in Hollywood, FL reflects on our biggest takeaways from this year’s Summer Olympics in Rio.

sparta-consulting-group-olympics-blog-postIt’s crazy to think that another Olympic games has gone down in history, with the closing ceremony celebrated this past Sunday! Two weeks of watching the world’s greatest athletes come together in such a monumental spectacle of events had us feeling incredibly inspired — and not just to get to the gym, if that’s what you’re thinking! Most of these athletes have been training since they could walk, so we chalked that one up as 20 years too late!

What inspired us here in South Florida these last few weeks was the relation of the Olympic games to business. What we found is this: the dedication, commitment, drive, willpower, grit — every defining character trait of an Olympian — is what also makes a successful entrepreneur. There are only a select few whose skill sets and talents will take them to the Olympics, just as there are few who go on to run successful, long-lasting businesses. As we say here at Sparta Consulting Group, “if it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Curious what take-aways we found for business people and entrepreneurs alike?! Here are the 3 biggest lessons we were struck with after binge-watching the Rio games!

1) There are no participation medals in life
The Olympic Games is the biggest stage for sports’ top performers. The elite of the elite represent their respective countries with pride, and while it is one of the greatest honors even just to attend, there are 3 clear winners to every sport. There are no do-overs, no rematches, no “I’ll get ’em next time.” These athletes have one shot and one shot only to bring home gold, silver or bronze, because after those 3 nothing else really matters. Lesson: If you’re not playing for gold in business, why are you even competing?


2) There will always be someone who will outwork you
We saw this one loud and clear in Rio this year, and it was truly awe-inspiring. What better example of being outworked than Simone Biles? We mean, is she even human?! The answer is yes….and a heavily decorated one at that! Training 6 days a week, Simone Biles emerged with 5 Olympic medals; 2 more than the closest competitor. She dominated in multiple categories, including floor, vault and beam; just showcasing that while talent is important, work ethic always takes the cake…or the Gold in Simone’s case! Lesson: Work everyday like there’s someone else eyeing your job!


3) The race isn’t over until it’s run
While mental and physical preparation are crucial to success, at the end of the day it’s how well you play in the game itself that matters! In sports and in business, there will always be people who a talk big game, but few who can actually deliver results after results after results (i.e., Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian in history) . We’d like to think that’s why Sparta Consulting Group is still thriving 4 years later; because we always follow through for our client. (Note: the picture you see above is our CEO, Niko Gianopoulos, earning an award on behalf of our Hollywood firm for this very thing: consistency!) Unlike #Lochtegate, we make sure to put our actions where our words are, haha! Lesson: Walk the talk!


While the games may be over, our motivation continues. Whereas these athletes get 2 weeks on the big stage and screen, we get every day to make a difference and be a champion. After all, WE ARE SPARTA! Let’ the countdown to Tokyo begin!

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