3 Lessons in Losing You’ll Want to Learn Immediately

sparta-consulting-group-lessons-losingHere at Sparta Consulting Group, many of our business philosophies have been developed through sports; which makes sense, seeing as our president is a former professional basketball player. The individual mindset, the team work, the competitive nature and so on. And as much as we strive to win, just like anyone, losses are bound to happen. But we also believe that one loss does not dictate your future – so long as you learn from it. Here are 3 lessons you can take away from a loss.

1. Humility – If you are competitive you strive to be the best, but with a loss comes the reminder or acknowledgement that there is someone out there who is currently better than you. And that’s okay. Use it as motivation to find areas of improvement in yourself.


2. Perseverance – What would happen if every time something difficult arose you just gave up? You would miss out on a whole lot of opportunities for greatness, that’s for sure!  When you face a loss you learn how to continue putting forth effort even when it’s challenging. In sports, business, relationships, and life, things will eventually get difficult. You will be challenged. Developing this trait will be an attribute that will help you in all aspects of your life.


3. Resilience – When a team encounters a loss it does not mean their season is over. If a professional athlete has a bad game, a bad season, or one bad play, they don’t quit. What if Michael Jordan had stopped playing basketball because he was cut from a high school tryout? How do you respond after a loss? Do you throw in the towel? Or do you train harder to come back and win the next game and go on to win the championship? Resilience will allow you to open up many doors of opportunity in your personal and professional life.


We have a winning team here at Sparta Consulting Group. Not because we have never ‘lost’ but because we continue to learn from those losses. It is essential to remember that success is never final and failure is never fatal.

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