Life Lessons Learned on the Job at Sparta Consulting Group

Sparta Consulting Group in Hollywood, FL has built a reputation of being one of the top sales and marketing firms in the region based on their relationships and their results. The ability to deliver high-quality results while maintaining a high standard of professionalism and integrity is what the Fortune 500 companies who partner with this team are looking for. And this Hollywood team comes through every time. Their winning attitude starts with the highest ranking officers in the company and has trickled down to even the newest employee. We recently met with one of their newest team leader’s, Juliana Andrade to hear about her experience on the job so far!

Sparta Consulting Group believes in one-on-one coaching with each employee to ensure that they are able to meet their potential in their professional careers. We assumed that job training was the main focus… sales techniques, marketing presentations, client product knowledge and competition, but we were pleasantly surprised! Although this was definitely a part of the training, Juliana told us that the biggest thing she has taken away so far is something that will help her both on the job, as well as in her personal life!

“The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is how to be in control of my emotions and staying positive no matter what the circumstances.  When you are not in control of your emotions you allow others to control you. Being positive is a great way to gain control over your emotions and it makes you happy in the end.”

Juliana has only been with the company a short time (under two months) and has already learned some valuable lessons to apply in her personal and professional life! Some that many people never learn! For example, she told us that professionally she now understands that she has to focus on what she control and that attitude is the key to everything. After earning her first promotion to a team leader within weeks of starting with Sparta Consulting Group, she will now start learning more leadership lessons as well as how to manage others. To keep up with Juliana and the rest of the Hollywood firm, be sure to connect with them on LinkedIn.

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