5 Career Mistakes All Young Professionals Should Avoid

At Sparta Consulting Group in Hollywood, FL, we offer entry level positions for eager professionals. As someone is just getting started in his or her working career there are many lessons that he or she will learn. While there are many valuable things to learn through making mistakes, we decided to share a few mistakes that are just not worth making.

  1. Working for money versus developing yourself Focus on the future and not the immediate gain of income. You’re just getting started down a long journey, and you will soon find out it’s not all about the money anyway. Look more at what you are learning and how you will grow into a success. Also, stay away from jobs that allow you to get comfortable and don’t push you to improve. It’s a waste of time, especially as an entry level professional.
  2. Acting like “the man” rather than learning how to be one Buying flashy things, being the big baller buying rounds at the bar… the thing is, you’re not even close to being “the man.” Real men, successful men (or women for that matter!) are willing to put in the work necessary and sacrifice when needed. If you haven’t done that yet, you are most certainly not, “the man.” So stop acting like it and start working towards it.
  3. Allowing your wants to turn into needs – You probably will catch yourself saying, “I need this!” when truth be told, you absolutely do not need that new Gucci bag. Especially not if you are just trying to pay rent. Or save for your own place. Or pay your student loans. The list goes on and on. Keep your priorities in check and set goals to reward yourself with that Gucci bag you so desperately need.
  4. Blaming others for things in your life – Be accountable for yourself, your actions and your situation. Good or bad, you are where you are because of your decisions. In the end, it’s not about finding someone or someone to blame for your problems but rather finding the solutions. At Sparta Consulting Group, empowering our people is one way that we help them take ownership of their job, project or performance.
  5. Thinking that the learning is done – So you’ve finished your schooling and got your degree. Great! That is a big accomplishment. However, you are just getting started when it comes to professionally developing yourself. It’s a big, competitive, world out there and you are just at the beginning!

If you are looking for an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, be sure to check out the openings at Sparta Consulting Group.


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