Spring Training for the Professional: 7 Baseball Maxims for Getting Ahead

With the 2017 Major League Baseball season kicking off in just a few days, Sparta Consulting Group is ready to play some ball — and not on the baseball field! Check out these awesome maxims that will motivate you to give it your all at the office this season!

“When the pitcher throws you a curve ball, foul it off— stay in the game!”

Attitude is half of the game. One thing you can count on at work is curve balls. Out of the blue. Be prepared to meet unexpected challenges with flexibility, even enthusiasm. 

“Like the best ball players, play with passion, never hold back, play to win.”

Extend yourself beyond your own limitations—surprise yourself every day with a new all-time success average (ATSA).

“Every game starts fresh, every time at-bat a new start, and every pitch a batter’s chance to hit a home run.”

Every day is a new day at the office. It is up to you to approach opportunity ready to make the play. Your value to the team is dependent on your actions on each play [each day].

“Everyone on the team has a role.”

In order for a team to win, each player must play his or her best on every play.

“In baseball, failing seven out of ten times means you’re hitting .300, which is a good batting average!”

Failure is a part of business just like it is in baseball. Everyone has successes and failures. The key is learning from your mistakes. Working on whatever you can fix. And supporting your teammates during hard times.

“You can’t steal second base without taking your foot off of first.”

Stealing bases takes guts. Focus, stealth, and speed. Business opportunities present themselves all the time. It’s all about being ready to take a risk.  Keep your eyes open. Be aware of what’s happening around you. Be ready to sprint in a flash. If you aren’t open to taking the risk, opportunity will whiz right past.

“Heads up. Keep your eye on the ball!”

Whether on the field or in the office, your value to the team is dependent on your actions on every play. Sometimes it’s not just about you and your own work, it’s about how your efforts fit in with all of the efforts of your team. Keep your eye on every play!

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