Determination to Succeed at Sparta Consulting Group

Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, Florida) has built a reputation with some of the largest brands in the world as the firm of choice in South Florida if they are looking to connect with their customers on a personal level. The main reason for this firm’s success is due to their ability to develop meaningful relationships with each customer. This team takes serious pride in having the honor to be the face of such well-known brands as their clients are. Not only do they continually perform at a high level, they always do so whilst maintaining their professionalism and integrity.

One thing that separates Sparta Consulting Group, and fuels their high performance, is their ambitious team. As a company that believes in investing in their people, this Hollywood team has found that thriving employees yields a huge return for clients. By developing their employees, while providing them with personal and professional growth opportunities, all parties involved benefit.

Pedro Hallak has been working with Sparta Consulting Group for a little over a year and has proven himself to be a key asset to the organization. According to Pedro, he believes that what makes him stand out is his determination to succeed. So, where does this determination come from?

“I love to compete and the culture here allows me to do so with my coworkers (in a friendly manner) as well as with myself personally. I moved from Venezuela just over two years ago and my family is my motivation to never give up. This company is the vehicle for me to accomplish my goals; to be able to give back to my family for everything that they provided for me before I came to the United States.”

Keep up with this South Florida team, by following them on Twitter @spartahollywood


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