Be You at Sparta Consulting Group

At Sparta Consulting Group in Hollywood, FL, we aim to create a corporate culture where individuals can feel comfortable enough to be themselves at work. This seems pretty simple but how many times have you worked somewhere that you had to “walk on eggshells” around certain people, especially the boss? One of our team leader’s Janett Sotomayor has been working with our firm for a year and sheds some light on our company culture. janet

The reason we feel so strongly about ensuring that people are “themselves” at Sparta Consulting Group multidimensional. First and foremost, they will be more open to asking questions and therefore get much more out of their training. They will also open up more and discuss their personal and professional goals which we strive to help them achieve. Additionally, they will simply have more fun. Having fun drives higher performance, so in reality, everyone wins!  Janett explained that by building relationships with others in the office that they become friends, not just coworkers. “It makes coming to work awesome,” she added. Janett also explained how being comfortable in her work environment helps her, and her teammates, help each other reach their goals;

“Everyone gets along really well but we always compete to push ourselves to become better every day. We all share our goals and help one another reach them.”

One of the ways that we encourage our employees to build relationships with each other is to offer weekly opportunities, outside of the office, for them to hang out. Janett’s personal favorite is when we go bowling. She explained that the competition aspect that everyone thrives on is what makes it so fun, especially when the loser has to do something embarrassing in front of the group. Karaoke is an added bonus at the bowling alley which always turns into a great time!

The leader of an organization sets the tone for the rest of the team so we asked Janett to share her views on the Manager, Niko. Here’s what she had to say;

“My manager’s main concern is taking care of the people in our office. He’s always trying to find ways to make things better for us! He asks questions, listens to understand your personal situation, and then comes up with solutions to help you achieve your desired results. The best part about Niko is that he is someone you can consider your boss and your close friend at the same time all because of the trust and confidence he gives you from day one.”

There is never a shortage of laughter amidst the Sparta Consulting Group team. One thing that Janett pointed out was the Spanish influence in the office. You see, a portion of the team is Hispanic and are always talking to Niko in Spanish. He does his best to be one of them, joining in with his broken Spanish and Latino dance moves! Es bostante còmico.


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