5 Ways You Can Maintain Your Beach Bod at Work


1. Exercise before work

Not everybody here at Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, FL) is a morning bird; however, exercising in the morning is a great way to get a productive jump on the day before it would normally begin! Nobody likes to force a groggy, one-eyed workout after a long day at the office. Working out in the A.M. provides you with a healthy boost of energy that will help coast you until the end of the work day.


2. Find some exercises to do right at your desk

Whether it’s dumbbells or hand grips, working out at your desk is a great way to stay fit in a job that requires plenty of sitting and not a whole lot of movement. An exercise ball is also a great way to strengthen your core and improve your balance, while still being able to be productive with your work.


3. Bring a healthy lunch and healthy snacks

Being tempted with unhealthy takeout lunch and junk snacks in between meals can be harmful to maintaining a healthy lifestyle because nutrition is the most important part of staying fit and energized. The night before a work day, be sure to pack yourself a clean and nutritious lunch as well as some clean snacks that you can munch on to fill in the gaps. You will feel more obligated to eat your packed lunch because you made it, which, in turn, will make it easy to turn down unhealthy alternatives.


4. Pump up your commute

Biking or walking to work is possible here at Sparta Consulting Group because of the beautiful, Hollywood, Florida weather. However, if you live somewhere seasonal or in a location that is not in a close proximity to your workplace, these forms of commuting can be difficult or impossible. Yet, burning some calories can still be possible in this situation by making sure to park your car a reasonable distance from your office. This will give you a nice walk in the morning as well as a healthy trot to your car after work.


5. Get out of the office to exercise during the work day

Instead of sitting in your cubicle (which thankfully we don’t have here at Sparta Consulting Group!), in your car, or at a restaurant during your lunch break – take a walk during your next conference call. A breath of fresh air combined with an afternoon walk is a great way to reenergize and burn some extra calories.


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