Why the Summer Months are the Best Months to Motivate Productivity

Located in Hollywood, Florida, Sparta Consulting Group and our employees are used to the humid, yet cloudless, weather that leads so many people to wish they didn’t have to work inside. Beautiful weather aside, did you know that many people can actually get more tired working inside on a rainy day than on most of the beautiful days we have here in Hollywood, Florida?


Seasonal Affective Disorder (sometimes referred to as SAD or the winter blues) often affects people who are located in places where the sun doesn’t shine as constantly and brightly as it does here in Florida. People dealing with this can become sluggish and unmotivated to work. You may be a perfectly happy person day to day, and yet diminished exposure to sunlight can really mess with your to-do list.


All of us at Sparta Consulting Group understand how satisfying it is to cross those pesky tasks off of your to-do list. We also understand the importance of staying motivated even with the exciting and sometimes distracting events that summer months have to offer. So here are a few major reasons why the summer months are the best months to focus on boosting your own motivation and productivity.

Think about it, if a lack of motivation and decreased work ethic is a symptom of people who don’t get the great amount of sunlight that we are so used to in Florida, we should be three times as productive given the wonderful amount of sunshine we are lucky to consistently get.

Use summer as a motivator, balancing your workload with the kind of rewarding activities that only summer can offer you. Can’t wait to get out of the office and down to the beach? Start work early in the morning, or prep the night before so that when you catch yourself daydreaming, you’ll get your focus back and finish with a goal in mind.

Be assertive with your planning and pack your car with beach stuff the night before. Once you arrive at work, there will be nothing to stop you from tying up loose ends and heading on over to the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, only a 23-minute drive from the Sparta Consulting Group office located at 6030 Hollywood Blvd.

While summer does provide distractions in the form of sunlight, the perfect waves for surfing, great concert series and outdoor events galore – use these as incentives to really stay productive and motivated. You’ll be thanking yourself once you can find the perfect balance between hard work and play, just remember to always be grateful for the sunshine.

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