3 Ways Maximize the Long Days of June [USEFUL TIPS]

Here at Sparta Consulting Group, we have the luxury of enjoying warm, sunny, weather year-round. But June offers something that the rest of the country can appreciate; extended days.

June is the home to the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. On June 21, 2017, there will be approximately 12 hours of daylight. That’s a lot of time to soak up some sun and enjoy the beautiful Hollywood, Florida weather. But assuming you’re not doing that for more than a few hours, that leaves you with a lot more time to do other things.



For some reason, people associate sunlight with productivity. Naturally, people are more inclined and motivated to do work when it is sunny and bright out (The Sparta Consulting Group team can testify). So when you’re not enjoying the beautiful weather, why not get some other things done? There’s plenty of daylight to burn.

That’s the beauty of June. The days are long enough where you can successfully accomplish some of your goals, but also have some time to kick back and unwind. With that being said, that also nullifies a lot of excuses that prevent you from getting those things done. With more daylight comes more productivity, so it is important to maximize your long, June days.

Schedule Your Days

Staying on schedule is a great way to organize your day accordingly. A schedule also puts you on deadlines to accomplish certain things and prepare yourself to move on to another task. Without the wasted time of thinking how to organize your day, you’ll have more time to actually get some things done.

Order Goals in Terms of Importance

The days are long, but that doesn’t guarantee that they will be long enough. It is important to organize your day so that you work down the list in terms of importance. Get the important things done first, and despite whether or not you finish the to-do list, you’ll at least have gotten the big things out of the way.

Try to Limit Technology

Technology is distracting, and it deters you from enjoying the gorgeous Florida weather. Technology also has the ability to kill time at an outrageous rate. The days will feel a lot longer enjoying the simpler things, and checking off those boxes on the to-do list.

Sparta-consulting Group 2

While Sparta Consulting Group has become accustomed to the beautiful weather, they have the same opportunities to maximize their days just as you do. So what will you do with those extra few hours?


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