Jaime “Matador” Fernandez Promoted to Assistant Manager [INTERVIEW PART 2]


Welcome back! We’ve been chatting with Jaime about his recent promotion and his experience working here at Sparta Consulting Group. If you missed the first part of our interview with the newly promoted assistant manager, click here to get caught up. Otherwise, read the rest below!

What personal and professional lessons have you learned while working at here?

I’ve learned a lot about leadership and believing in myself and my talent. I’ve learned that it’s all about having a student mentality and being willing to keep learning and improving yourself. That’s something that I’ve been taught since day one and it’s been huge for me.

How did it feel to get promoted?

It’s a great feeling to put in hard work and see results. After wanting this position for a long time, I finally obtained it, which is great for me and for my team.

What advice would you give to somebody who is struggling to reach their goals?

I would tell them to find one-on-one time with people that they can learn from. Figure out who can help you grow and who can give you support. I’ve gotten advice from a lot of great people, I have some good mentors. I feel lucky because I’ve had the opportunity to grow in this office under Niko [Gianopoulos]. He’s the voice of experience that I need sometimes.

How else do you stay motivated?

I know that we have the best team. My own people give me my motivation. It’s a huge compliment when a customer tells me that they really want me to work with them and be involved with their projects. So that motivates me to keep growing in this company.

How do you balance and blend your work life with your personal life?

I definitely wouldn’t be here without my wife. She provides me with so much support each day. The other day she didn’t believe that I was going to work because I was so happy. I was having so much fun at work that I was excited to go! My wife is so friendly and loves to meet people, so we open our home to every single member of my team.

How are you able to stay positive all the time?

I’m a very positive guy naturally. I love to be surrounded by people, and that’s something that has helped me to stay smiling and to have that energy.

Congratulations on your promotion, Jaime! We know you’ll make a wonderful assistant manager.

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