Let’s Learn About Bastille Day!

All of us at Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, FL), know July to be the month we commemorate America’s independence. However, we aren’t the only nation celebrating this month!

France’s Independence day, popularly known as Bastille Day or la Fête Nationale, is celebrated on the 14th of July (Quatorze Juillet). Bastille Day commemorates the day in 1789 upon which French troops stormed the prison fortress Bastille, freeing its prisoners and taking its weapons. This was a pivotal moment in the beginning of the French Revolution and is a prominent symbol against the tyranny of the Bourbon Monarchs of 18th century France.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.44.12 PM.png
Claud Monet’s” La rue Montorgueil à Paris” c. 1878

It was declared a national holiday for the first time in 1880 by a Politician by the name of Benjamin Raspail, and so it was. This day has been commemorated by a great many people, including the famous artist, Claud Monet who painted a beautiful picture to honor the celebration.

Present day Bastille Day celebrations include military and civilian parades throughout France, special musical performances, communal meals and banquets, dances, balls and galas as well as fantastical fireworks displays. Does the last one sound familiar?

On Bastille Day, it is very common for people attending the parades to paint their faces with the colors of the French flag, showing their loyalty to the story behind the day, France’s day of Independence. An interesting part of this day is that many places that have any kind of French influence still celebrate on July 14th. This includes parts of Hungary, India, Belgium, Ireland and even New Zealand.

Here are a few phrases you can toss around in French when someone asks you over dinner how much you know about Bastille Day.

To say “French Revolution,” you say “la Revolution Francaise”
To say “fireworks,” you say, “le feu d’artifice.”
To say “Long live France,” a statement  that is often shouted at the parades, you say, “Vive la France!”


From all of us at Sparta Consulting Group, we wish you a very happy rest of your July and truly hope you enjoyed learning a little more about “Le Fête Nationale” in France. To keep up with Sparta Consulting Group, follow us on Instagram.


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