3 Outdoor Activities to Liven Up Your Summer! [List]

Here at Sparta Consulting Group, we’re fortunate enough to enjoy warm weather all year long. If you’re ready to spice up your summer, who better than to provide tips than the pros? Here are 3 activities to inspire you to switch it up a bit.

Go on a Bike Ride.  Riding our bikes used to be something we looked forward to as kids. So why did we stop riding them was we grew up? Who knows. A bike ride through town, along the water, or even a trail in the woods gets your blood pumping and exposes you to new places that can inspire you down the road. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be an solo bike ride; maybe even biking to work or to a friends house will get you off your feet and into something new.


Go Kayaking. Kayaks are undervalued in today’s society, don’t you think? You’ll hardly ever meet someone that says “kayaking isn’t fun”. If there is a body of water near you that allows kayaking, why not give it a shot? It is a great chance to take some time and enjoy the little things. Life seems to slow down when you’re kayaking, and to a lot of people, it’s their sanctuary. It doesn’t even have to be a normal kayaking trip. There are a lot of places that offer indoor kayaking games such as water polo, or you can grab a fishing rod and fish straight from your kayak. The possibilities are endless.


Go Camping. Nothing brings you closer to nature than camping, that’s a given. The summer months offer the best atmosphere for camping due to the warm water, temperate nights, and blue skies. Camping isn’t an activity you do every day or every weekend for that matter. But, it’s certainly something to consider when planning out your summer. Camping has the power to distance yourself from your hectic life and enjoy the simplicity of living outdoors for a little while. As long as you come prepared, you’re almost guaranteed to have a good time.


Whether you work at Sparta Consulting Group in Hollywood, Florida, or a cabin in Maine, there are always new activities to consider taking advantage of. You just might find a new hobby.


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