7 Ideas to Make Your August Memorable

August is here and summer will be over before you know it… but that doesn’t mean you can’t soak up every experience the month has to offer. At Sparta Consulting Group, all of us are planning our last excursions of the summer. Check out our bucket list of a few ideas for the month of August.

1. Attend a state fair. What’s more fun than carnival rides, fried food, and friends? Check out where fairs might be happening locally by searching online.


2. Go Kayaking! Many local spots around Hollywood are great for grabbing a couple kayaks and seeing some of the wildlife up close. Bring a friend!

3. Check out a drive in movie at the Fort Lauderdale movie theater. Make an evening of it, bring a date, the family, some friends even!

4. Have a brunch with your friends, break out the china and set up a late summer feast where everyone brings a different dish. If the weather’s nice, perhaps you can hold it outdoors!


5. Soak up the sun with a beach day. The nearest beach to us would be the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, so enjoy the local beauty!


6. Check out the Yellow Green Farmer’s Market down on North 30th Road. Get some fresh produce while supporting small businesses in our community.


7. Take a road trip. Why not check out some of the other beautiful areas of Florida? Save up your gas money, bring along friends or some family and make some cool pit stops along the way. 


While we are lucky to have beautiful weather all year long here in Hollywood, FL, all of us at Sparta Consulting Group can appreciate the feeling that only summer can bring, even to sunny Florida.

So, make the best of these last few summer weeks, try out these activities and maybe add a few of your own. From all of us at Sparta Consulting Group, we hope August is full of wonderful memories. Follow us on Instagram to see what Sparta Consulting Group is up to this month!


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