Football Season is Back – 3 Lessons From America’s Favorite Sport [USEFUL TIPS]

Here at Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, FL), our CEO, Niko Gianopoulos, is a former professional basketball player. Despite the boss’s love for basketball, the rest of the team couldn’t be more excited that football season is back! The thing that both of these sports have in common is, of course, a sports mentality. This mentality is also extremely beneficial to have in the business world. To celebrate the return of the season, here are 3 lessons that we can learn from football!

  1. Perseverance

Professional football players know perseverance all too well – it is one of the most important attributes that allowed them to make it to the NFL. There are countless hurdles they had to leap and failures that players have had to come back from in order to play at the most competitive level. Missing catches, not making the first string, dealing with losing seasons – all drawbacks that these players have overcome.

It is not easy to, quite literally, get knocked down so many times and continue to persevere. Although the business world is not a physical game like football, both require the mental ability to dig deep and find the strength to overcome roadblocks and failures.

2. Work ethic > talent

There are so many players that have fallen through the cracks on their football journeys because they were not practicing and working hard enough. Sure, these guys were exceptionally talented, but along the way, they didn’t put the time and effort into crafting their skill. From high school to college to the NFL there is a lot of weeding out. If a player thinks that his skill in high school would be enough and he doesn’t have to continue improving to make it in college football, there will be a tough reality waiting for him when the school picks somebody who has been grinding and practicing all summer.

Work ethic trumps talent in the business world as well. Putting the hours in, gaining the valuable experience, learning what to do and what not to do, and crafting your skill is a transferrable mentality. This is a sought after disposition here at Sparta Consulting Group.

3. Know your competition 

Competition is the name of the game. Tom Brady didn’t become an elite quarterback by standing in his backyard and throwing a football through a tire swing for hours at a time. In addition to the physical mechanics, he learns to read defenses and predict their next moves so he can successfully score on their weaknesses. Football players on both sides of the ball need to know what they’re up against and formulate a strategy that will give them the best advantage.

Similarly, in the business world, it is imperative to know everything about your competition. You must figure out your competitors’ strategy, product development, management capabilities, internal and external strengths and weaknesses, and much more to be able to compete against them.


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