Be Sure to Avoid These 3 Common Sales Mistakes [LIST]

Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, FL) knows the significance of proper sales techniques. That being said, we also know how important it is to avoid making mistakes that will lose deals. If you are starting out in sales and have not yet made the splash that you were hoping to make, it is possible that you are making one of these 3 common sales mistakes.

1. The Pitch Person

“The Pitch Person” is somebody that you don’t want to be. This salesperson does not rely on prior knowledge or client data, they do not know which product their customer is currently using, and they do not try to engage the customer with anything other than a sales pitch.

A true salesperson understands the needs of their customers and works their pitch around conversation and genuine care. Rattling off bullet points on how tremendous your product is, hoping one will land and suffice a need, is no way to generate traction.

2. Being Unprepared

Here at Sparta Consulting Group, if you fail to prepare then you prepare to fail. This goes will all aspects with life; however, this is especially important when it comes to your career. Shoot for over-preparation. Study all of the relevant information that you may possibly need for this sale and be prepared to deliver it without hesitation.

Similarly, prepare yourself with the questions that you need to ask in order to steer the conversation towards closing the deal. By knowing exactly what you need to say and when you need to say it, you will be preparing yourself for success.

3. Never Become Satisfied

Of course, self-confidence and pride in your work and accomplishments is a good thing. Yet, long-term, never lose the hunger for earning more and closing more deals. If you become too satisfied in your current performance, you may become too comfortable and complacent. Looking for the next opportunity and further improvement is always necessary.  In sales, the opportunities can be endless and advancement is the name of the game!

You must always be doing more and have the “never enough” mentality. In the words of Mark Cuban, “Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you.”


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