2 Items to Include on Your “Don’t Do” List

Sparta Consulting Group is fortunate to have been very successful over the last few years. We credit all of this success to our team of incredible individuals. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish and achieve everything that we have without the hard work that each of them continue to put in. But we’ve also seen a number of people who were held back from achieving greatness just because they made a few common mistakes.

Sparta Consulting Group wants you to be the very best that you can be, so we decided to come up with a “don’t do” list to help you avoid 2 common pitfalls that could otherwise block you from reaching your full potential. Check them out!

1) DON’T make excuses

Believe it or not, the person that you’re hurting the most by making excuses is yourself. When you make excuses for your actions, you’re allowing yourself to settle for something that’s less than your best. If you make a habit of not giving 100% and always making excuses for it, you’re accepting mediocrity and becoming accustomed to producing work that you’re not proud of. In the long run, making excuses is one of the most dangerous mistakes that you can make because by telling yourself that you’re content with an average life, you are ultimately keeping yourself from reaching excellence.


2) DON’T procrastinate

You probably already know that procrastination is a treacherous habit to have. It’s also certainly one of the hardest to break, but giving in to procrastination will always prevent you from living a fulfilling and extraordinary life. Procrastination and making excuses actually go hand in hand, creating one seriously risky combination to allow into your life. When you procrastinate, you will very often end up finishing work poorly, late, or not at all. When you do any of the three, you’ll feel embarrassed and make an excuse or two to cover yourself. Falling into this cause-and-effect routine of procrastinating and then making excuses is one of the surest ways to hold yourself back from reaching your goals.


What other items will you add to your “don’t do list” to set yourself up for success?

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