Best Movies About Business [SUCCESSES AND FAILURES] Part 1

Sparta Consulting Group loves movies as much as the next group of businessmen and women. Inspiration can strike at any moment, so why not watch a movie that showcases the ups and downs of the business world — all while providing some enlightening storylines to boot! Courtesy of Sparta Consulting Group, be sure to check out these major motion pictures that every businessman or woman should watch.


  1. The Social Network. This motion picture chronicles the highs and lows of the creation of Facebook and its young CEO Mark Zuckerberg. With a moving story and an interesting protagonist, Zuckerberg’s story not only delights, but reminds us how important it is to keep trying and to always take risks.
  2. Nightcrawler is one of Jake Gyllenhaal’s absolute triumphs as an actor. It tells the story of a young up and coming news videographer who gets into the business with a whole lot of savvy. While this certainly is a darker take on entrepreneurial decision-making, it is well worth a watch.
  3. The Pursuit of Happyness. In this moving piece Will Smith portrays the struggle of salesman Chris Gardner as he tries to deal with homelessness and staying afloat — all with his young son depending upon him to keep a roof over their head. Above all, this movie teaches the importance of perseverance.
  4. Forrest Gump. While this movie is often discounted as just a happy-go-lucky movie about simple minded Forrest Gump, there is a lot more to it than one might think. Gump wins medals, perseveres in the ping pong championship, creates his own shrimping company, and manages to make the very best of life. Be sure to give good old Forrest Gump a shot the next time you’re looking for something worth watching.

There are so many more movies to include on this list, so be sure to check out Sparta Consulting Group’s blog for part two of this list coming very soon! We hope that some of these titles will inspire you through some enjoyable watching as well as in a business context. From all of us at Sparta Consulting Group, happy watching!


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