3 Activities to Do In Your Free Time That Will Enhance Your Career

Sparta Consulting Group strongly emphasizes the importance of developing our employees into leaders in business and the real world as well.


While Sparta Consulting Group focuses on development inside the confines of the workplace, we believe there are things you can do outside of the office that can enhance your career too. With that being said, we came up with a few activities that will help you to enhance your life both in and out of the office.


On a typical day, most people read quick blurbs, captions, and posts through social media outlets. However, it’s a lot more gratifying to find a newspaper, blog, book, or magazine that can inspire critical thinking. You’ll come to find that there are a lot of great topics, opinions, and perspectives on things you may not typically find interesting. It promotes a new way of thinking that can carry into work, and you’ll end every day having learned something new!


Exercising is a great way to teach self-discipline while also improving mental capacity. Science has proven that exercising actually stimulates the mind and improves focus, motivation, and mental clarity. Once you get into a groove, you’ll learn to live on a schedule which helps keeps you organized. You’ll actually be stimulating the mind just as much as your body. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise on a regular basis but the discipline you’ll gain from exercising regularly will carry over into your professional life.


They say that writing isn’t for everyone but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Every person has a unique, innate writing style that allows them to freely express and voice their opinions. For some, their job doesn’t allow them to add any personal flair or creativity. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from doing so. Writing in your free time is a great way to think independently and enhance your writing ability. No one has ever been criticized for being too good of a writer so why not express yourself in the process?

While these three activities may not be for everyone, Sparta Consulting Group sees them as great ways to grow as an individual and ultimately enhance your career.


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