3 Mind-Bending Films That Will Challenge Your Brain

We love movies at Sparta Consulting Group! We enjoy all types of film; however, some of the best ones are the movies that leave you with wide eyes and a jaw to the floor. Truly perplexing and mind-bending films are the greatest way to put your brain in a pretzel while being able to rewind and put all of the pieces of the puzzle together from the comfort of your own home.

The first watch is always enthralling. But a second viewing of any of these movies will make you nod your head in approval thinking “I can’t believe I missed that!” Showing these films to friends and family is even more entertaining because you get to watch their “OMG” reaction! Get ready to add these 3 mind-bending films to your “to-watch” list.

1. The Usual Suspects


Kevin Spacey stars in this mind-boggling story about the lone survivor of a heist-gone-wrong. Spacey plays a shy, cane-wielding man named Verbal who is being interrogated for the crime. The stories are all shown flashbacks and it can be hard to keep up with at first. Verbal swears that the infamous and/or mythical criminal, Keizer Soze, is responsible for the whole thing. Spacey nails the role on the head and the ending of this movie will have you astonished!

2. Lucky Number Slevin

This star-studded hidden gem stars Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley and Lucy Liu. Josh Hartnett plays a charismatic and charming man named Slevin who is mistakenly put into the middle of a war between two New York City crime lords. Even though someone has framed him, Slevin has a pretty laid back sense of humor through most of the movie and it’s quite enjoyable. He has to devise a plan to save his life while balancing a new flirtatious relationship with Lindsey (Lucy Liu). By the end of the movie you will be saying “WHAT?!” over and over again — we promise!

3. Moon

Sam Rockwell plays an astronaut named Sam Bell who is almost finished with his 3 year shift in space. He is desperately eager to return to Earth to reunite with his wife and daughter. The likable character’s health takes a turn for the worst as he starts experiences migraines and hallucinations. Gertie, the spaceship’s robot (voiced by Kevin Spacey), is starting to act suspicious as well. There is clearly something going on and Sam must solve the mystery before it’s too late! Without giving away any spoilers, we must say this one was emotional, puzzling, and utterly fantastic!

If you end up watching any of these, be sure to comment below! Happy watching from Sparta Consulting Group!


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