3 Tricks to Make Sure You’re Always on Time (or Early!)

At Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, FL) we base everything we do on a system of 8 great work habits. One of them, of course, is being on time! Tardiness is viewed as not only unprofessional, but disrespectful to the valuable time of others. Being on time is a choice — but not to worry, we’ve got a few ideas for making this easier!


1. Set multiple alarm clocks. If you’re the kind of person who’s likely to snooze the alarm or prefers a gradual wakeup system, we understand. The only thing that can backfire with snooze is that your alarm might not continue to sound, and you could just go on sleeping. Try setting multiple alarm clocks that will go off with enough time for you to get ready and prepare for the coming day.

2. Gather your stuff the night before. Put your car keys in a place you’ll remember and those important work documents on the desk. It’s great to have a go-to spot for all of your important items that you take to and from work. This way you aren’t scrambling in the morning and wasting precious time when you could already be ready to headed out the door.

3. Set your clocks ahead by five or ten minutes. If you’re someone who’s always running late, it’s a great idea to trick yourself! Set each of your clocks ahead by a different amount of time — 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 10 minutes for example. This will make it trickier to remember the real time and which clock is which. (Try not to use your cell phone to check the time!) This way, even if you’re running “10 minutes late,” you’ll actually be on time!

4. Always leave earlier than you think you need to. Often, habitually tardy people are afraid to waste time at their destination by arriving too early. If this is you, nix this paradigm, stat! Once you do, you’ll discover that being a little early actually feels awesome. It gives you time to get settled and feel prepared. Worst case scenario, you spend the extra time making a quick call to a friend or reading an article on your phone.

What tips do you have for being on time? Share them with Sparta Consulting Group in the comments below!


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