3 Time Management Tips That Boost Productivity | Sparta Consulting Group

Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, FL) knows that time management is an essential skill to have in our arsenal. Learning how to manage your time effectively will increase your productivity levels and significantly improve your performance. You have 24 hours in each day and it is crucial that you utilize them effectively!

We’ve become time-managing experts here at Sparta Consulting Group and it is one of the many reasons we continue to thrive. Here are our 3 time management tips that will boost productivity!

1. Prioritizing

In order to use your time in a practical manner, you must first prioritize your tasks and responsibilities. What is most important? What needs to be accomplished first? What needs to be accomplished next? The most urgent and important tasks go first.

If you find yourself checking items off of your to-do list that do not belong there in the first place, then you need to prioritize. There are only so many minutes in the day and you can’t spend those minutes on unproductive tasks instead of valuable work if you want to manage your time effectively.

2. Single-tasking V.S. Multitasking


A lot of people fall victim to the myth of multitasking. We were all told that it is the key to productivity and successful time management. The truth is that, when you are multitasking, you are giving a small percentage of your focus to a variety of different tasks. This can result in more mistakes spread over multiple tasks, moderate to low effort given to each task, and a confusing and semi-almost-maybe-checked off to-do list. We like our to-do lists branded with bold, complete checkmarks here at Sparta Consulting Group.

Give all of your time and attention to one thing at a time. Even if your checklist is overwhelming and massive, the only way to combat it effectively is to complete it in order. Walter Anderson once said, “nothing diminishes anxiety quicker than action.” Put all of your effort into one task at a time and then you can move onto the next one.

3. Communication

Working with a team comes with a lot of shared responsibility. You will be asking your team for their help and they will be doing the same to you. Working together on tasks can yield better results when done correctly. In order to work efficiently, you need to be able to communicate the standards and urgency of the task in a way that will enable your co-worker to complete it in a productive manner.

If there are any errors made by said employee then you must address them specifically and as quickly as possible. The sooner that the work is complete, the sooner you can move onto your next task! Quality communication is pivotal at Sparta Consulting Group because it plays a critical role in the caliber of our team’s time management.


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