2 Things You Need to Know About Being Successful | Sparta Consulting Group

We are always striving for success here at Sparta Consulting Group (Hollywood, FL) and, if you’re reading this, you probably are too. There are no hidden secrets when it comes to success and there certainly aren’t any shortcuts. If anyone tells you that you can get-rich-quick or change your entire life in one day—they’re wrong. Success takes a lot of time, effort, trial and error, and diligence. There’s no way around it!


People also don’t tell you about the things you will encounter on your road to success. Similar to success, a cross-country road trip sounds like an awesome journey full of spectacular experiences. When people who have completed this journey tell you about their experience, there are a bunch of details they usually leave out. Their testament to the expedition usually includes all of the fun sight-seeing and peculiar encounters that make the trip sound like a piece of cake; however, they usually leave out all of the hardships and obstacles they faced along the way.

Success is the same way. You see all of the fancy cars and expensive houses, but successful people seldom speak of the tough decisions, emotions, and battles they fought on their voyage. Sparta Consulting Group knows these hurdles all too well—so here are 2 things you need to know about achieving success.

#1  You can’t give up, even when you want to

Whether it’s exercising, learning an instrument, or trying to build a business—the urge to quit will show itself as a satisfying alternative. When things get difficult and you find yourself stuck, dropping the problem as a whole can seem like an intriguing option.

These feelings, as detrimental as they are, are natural and everybody has them. Before you plunge into the journey of success, you need to make rules for yourself. Your first rule should be to avoid quitting at all costs! The reason that successful people are as successful as they are is because they never gave up!

#2  You can’t become complacent, no matter how much you enjoy comfort

Becoming complacent is the second-worst thing that can happen to you next to quitting. The notion of “I have done enough” is toxic and should be avoided at all costs. The truth is, you can never do enough!

This is the reason that Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, and Warren Buffet are all still grinding and hustling. Successful people never become stagnant, smug, or satisfied—they keep going and going and going. If Elon Musk retired after his PayPal buyout, he would never have seen the success of SpaceX, Tesla, or any of his other wildly profitable companies. We always stay hungry here at Sparta Consulting Group—that’s why we’re always growing and improving.



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